Yozakura (It´s almost Spring!)

Hello! Ohayou. おはよう Welcome to Būshido & Sakura!

Since it is almost Hanami season I thought this post would be useful in case you are not sure what Yozakura means. The word Yozakura is translated as the night viewing of the cherry blossoms (夜桜 night Sakura) or hanami during night time. One of the things that I was always looking forward to seeing when I lived in the US was the celebration of the Cherry Blossom festival at the beginning of March. If you have ever been to a Sakura (Hanami) festival in the US (I won´t even mention in Japan), you will know that Sakura trees at night have a very delicate and beautiful light. Well, that´s where the name Yozakura is coming from. The view of the cherry blossoms at night.



Image credits: Masato Mukoyama


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