Narita Transit Program


Great news for those who are transit users of Narita Int’l Airport. The Narita Transit Program has started on March 1st, 2015!

If you have a layover at Narita Airport, you can now choose from several tour options that let you experience Japanese hospitality, some country’s history and culture, as well as shopping of course.

You will find two plans available:

Plan 1

Volunteer Guide Tours

All tours are run by local guides who get you safely to and from the airport and who help ensure that you are able to experience the warmth and hospitality of Japan. You will be able to visit Narita city, Shibayama Town and Tako Town.

Plan 2

Self Tours

All tours are self-guided, allowing you more time to shop as well as providing special offers and discounts. With this plan you will be able to visit Shisui Premium Outlets and AEON Mall in Narita.

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For further information: Guide Tours) by yourself)…/transpor…/airport/naritaAirport.html


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