Hanami in Madrid

Hey there everyone, happy Monday!

It´s going to be a busy week for me so I´ll be updating a little less than usual. I took these photos yesterday afternoon in the suburbs of Madrid, it was my first time there and I have to be completely honest when I say that I had never – ever – imagined that I would find so many Sakura trees in Madrid.

The park is called Quinta de los Molinos or El pequeño Jerte. A few weeks ago I actually did one post in which I mentioned this park (here.) If you are in Madrid you might still see some beautiful Sakura trees; however, you could see that the flowers are not in full bloom anymore, and they have started to fade away. Since it is going to be really cold this week, I would advice to go as soon as possible, before the sakura are finally gone.

 Even though it was cloudy, you could still see really gorgeous and delicate colors. It was my first time celebrating a proper hanami afternoon outside of the US, and as always, it was a beautiful experience.

You will find more information about the park via this link and here.


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