Sunday Funday + Links

Good morning (Ohayoo gozaimasu おはようございます) and happy Sunday everyone! How is your Sakura/Hanami season going? This afternoon I´m actually going out of town to take some beautiful photos of the few Sakura trees that are located in the suburbs of Madrid. I will be uploading them soon, so keep an eye on future posts next week.


At the end of each week, I try to gather some links with awesome (and Kawaii) things related to Japan, such as recipes, reviews, agenda and music performances among other things. I hope you like this week´s choices.

  • Asia Week in New York City – NYC
  • Kozaki Sakagura Matsuri 2015 – TheJapanTimes
  • Japanese-inspired French Toast Recipe フレンチトースト – Youtube
  • Kino, by Haruki Murakami – TheNewYorker
  • Hiroshima Spring Oyster Festa – JapanInfoSwap
  • Samurai Stories – JapaneseHistoryForum
  • Sakura is not only for viewing but also for eating – The Matcha House
  • How to make Perfect Tempura (RECIPE) -天ぷらの作り方 – Shinichi Mine
  • Being an Animator in Japan Is Brutal – Kotaku
  • If you are in Spain: “Hanamachis de Kioto: el mundo de geikos y maikos” – Eikyo
  • Okomeya: A New Specialty Rice Shop That Wants to Bring an Old Shopping Street Back to Life – Spoon&Tamago
  • The Second Most Delicious Ice Cream Melon Bread in the World – TokyoGirls
  • Koto music for your Sunday afternoon: Sakura, Cherry Blossoms – Youtube


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