Yokohama: What are you most proud or fond of about Japan?

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A few people in the streets of Yokohama were asked what they were most proud of or like the most about Japan. How about you? Do you have any favorite reason that explains why you are so fond of about Japan?

Naoaki Nakamura
Museum curator, 54 (Japanese)
I don’t like Japan very much, but I have one thing to be proud of: Our Constitution is the most peaceful and democratic and respectful of human rights. I’ve read it, and I was so impressed.

Yuki Nakamura
Office worker, 26 (Japanese)
I like the safety here. Life is safe in Japan — safer than other countries, I think. At night, when walking outside on the street, I feel OK in Japan.

Alex Hatch
Artist/chef, 27 (American)
I am impressed with the food culture in Japan — the way they grow and prepare food all the way up through consuming it. It’s one of my favorite cuisines.

Risa Aoki
Nurse, 30 (Japanese)
I think people are very kind. Now I live in Osaka, and Osaka people really like talking. They are very interesting and fun. There are manzai (double-act) comedians in Osaka.

Michal Borecki
Kitchen manager, 31 (Polish)
Everything here in Japan is clean and organized. The transportation, like trains, are always on time. No excuse to be late for work. This is very different from my country.

Akira Yokoe
Office worker, 34 (Japanese)
Beautiful nature. Japanese feel proud of nature. For example, I like mountains — not only Mount Fuji but also the lakes, rivers and places to pray.




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