Sunday Funday + Links


Another Sunday and another post for the latest news and links this week!

Well, Spring seems to have arrived (yet again, after some beautiful days in February tumblr_mdpf6druIu1qdlkyg.) Today we are reaching 25Cº (approximately 75F), so it definitely feels like staying outside – or at least going for a long walk. – I hope you are having also a beautiful weekend wherever you are, from what I have seen, it looks like sakura blooming has already started in Japan! I will probably upload my top favourite photos this upcoming week. Until then, have a great Sunday!



  • Japan Is Building A Massive 250-Mile Seawall To Block Tsunamis (BuzzFeed)
  • Model Miranda Kerr is hungry for tonkatsu (Youtube)
  • Japan productivity gains key to staving off decline (JapanTimes)
  • Boys, you should read this: Japanese women list top 10 lies they can spot the second a guy says them (JapanToday)
  • SXSW’s Japan Nite celebrates 20 lively years (JapanTimes)
  • The most beautiful places in Japan (CNN)
  • Crabs, Peonies and Castle Cruises in Shimane (JapanGuide)
  • Dogs by the hour: Company offers pet rental service (JapanToday)
  • Kit-Kat Sandwiches! (Kotaku)
  • An Immersive Interactive Garden of 2300 Floating Flowers Inspired by a Zen Koan (Spoon&Tamago)
  • Single mother with disability vying for seat in Tokyo’s Kita Ward (JapanTimes)
  • Music to practice Japanese (MusicCorner)
  • Eriko Ukimura plays the violin during “Earth Hour” in the lobby of a hotel in Tokyo (JapanToday)
  • App: Translating Kanji was never this easy (Yomiwa)
  • “Asian” corporate values seem to be making a comeback (TheEconomist)

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