Origami DIY


Origami is the art of paper folding. The word in Japanese literally means to fold (oru) and paper (kami). Have you ever tried this beautiful practice? Researchers have found that making origami is a way to relax and a way to let the day’s tension melt away. Nowadays, more care providers and researchers are stating that folding paper can help those with medical conditions (you can read more about it here.)

These are some cute and not too difficult examples in case you have never made origami before. I also included a few links for inspiration and additional instructions. Enjoy!

Some origami inspiration:

  • My adventures in Origami (link)
  • A year of Oigami (link)
  • Paper Stuff (link)
  • Foldaway Origami (link)
  • Un mundo de papel (link)
  • Light as a paper (link)
  • Origami instructions (link)

Additional blogs and websites:






seta origami

*Sources 1, 2
**Image 1

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