Things to do in Japan.

Wondering what to do when you arrive in Japan? Worry no more! I found a few travel guides made by Japan Lover Me contributor Ashley (you can check her blog here.) I think they are really cute and informative. I hope it´s useful if you are planning on visiting one of these cities (or all of them) any time soon! The cities are: Akihabara, Kyoto, Harajuku, Shibuya (Tokyo), Hokkaido, Osaka, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, Chiba, Kobe and Nagoya.


Akihabara is considered by many to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for computer goods, video games, anime, and manga. (Click here for more info)

1. Visit a maid cafe (Our recommendations: Maidreamin or Popopure! Check out our Popopure Maid Cafe feature here:

2. Buy electronics from Yodobashi Camera (duty free!)

3. Buy interesting / unique stuff (souvenirs) from Donki / Don Quijote Akihabara (

4. Visit Gundam Cafe (

5. Visit AKB48 Cafe and Shop

6. Visit Tokyo Anime Center (and fangirl over life-sized anime statues)

7. Buy toys and figures from Mandarake

8. Hoard gachapons

9. Visit Kanda Myojin Shrine – world’s geekiest temple according to

10. Shop at Cospa Gee Store Akihabara!

*Visit this link to get more information about these places:

*For more places visit JapanLoverMe

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