Busy Sunday + Links

Good morning everyone! I managed to update a few links on this cloudy and busy Sunday morning. I hope your weekend is going well so far… enjoy the rest of the day and positive thoughts for those who are getting closer to Monday!

  • Photography: Some of the best Sakura photos as seen on Instagram (WSJ)
  • Creativity: Toyota Japan Baseball Ad (AdWeek)
  • Business: Challenges persist for working women in Japan (MichaelPage)
  • Learning: Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) (KanjiClinic)
  • Business: Capitalism in Japan: Cartels and Keiretsu (HBR)
  • Culture: Japan Tradition and Culture (GovernmentOfJapan)
  • Documentary: Japanese War Brides (Youtube)
  • Business: Behind Japan’s Success (HBR)
  • Inspiration: What is Yūgen 幽玄 (Blog)
  • Learning: 30 Useful Japanese Phrases (HiraganaNinja)
  • News: Traditional matcha gets whirled, dusted, infused in U.S. (JapanToday)
  • Learning: Learning Japanese from songs (Tofugu)
  • Go See 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan (Spoon&Tamago)
  • Photos: 1930s India seen in Japanese woodblock prints (Quartz)
  • Culture: 16 Kit-Kat flavors you will only find in Japan (DramaFever)




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