“Young Ducks” by Seiho Takeuchi (Kyoto)


The National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto houses a unique collection of works by Japanese artists. Over the coming months we will be showcasing some of the artworks on display there.
The first of this series is “Young Ducks”, created by Seiho Takeuchi in 1937.

Here is a detailed description of the work by the museum:
“Young ducks assuming a variety of postures at a feeding ground are featured in these gold-leaf-scattered folding screens, which express the fresh, spring air. Seiho Takeuchi received the first “Order of Culture” as a representative of the Kyoto Art Circle, together with Yokoyama Taikan, who represented the Tokyo Art Circle, in the year when this work was presented.”

Click here to go to the museum´s website.

*Japan Gov.


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