A few links and a quick hello! (こんにちは)

Hello! Konnichiwa! こんにちは。

I know, it´s been ages since I last wrote a proper post, but work has been extremely intense over the past month. It is good to be back and dedicate time to this blog, I have missed spending time doing some research and writing posts about Japan. Since today it´s Saturday, I decided to gather a few News | Links to catch up on the latest news from Japan.  I hope everyone has had an amazing beginning of 2016 by the way!  Now it´s time to have an amazing weekend. . . I´ll catch you later!

  • ‘Harry Potter’ author reveals Japanese wizarding school {link}
  • Late Meiji Japan {link}
  • Japan: A land of unnerving politeness, nice smells and absolute trust {link}
  • Japan’s latest KitKat flavor is smooth sake {link}
  • Japan chooses three cities to be tourism role models {link}
  • “Seijinshiki” (Coming-of-Age Ceremonies) {link}


{Images: 1 | 2 | 3}


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