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Konnichiwa friends, I have been having quite an hectic schedule over the past weeks, so I decided to gather some news that I have been saving to share them with all of you. I hope you find them useful! By the way, I hope everyone is getting ready for Hanami . . . We are almost there and I have heard that blooming is getting earlier this year! 


  • I always wanted to try this recipe: Tamagokake Gohan {ExperienceJapanWithYuka}
  • What about a “naked-festival”? Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Festival {JapanCheapo}
  • Adorable sushi and rice balls {RocketNews24}
  • Bucket list: A Carpet of pink flowers called shibazakura {Grape}
  • Sakura Pepsi, because Hanami season is around the corner {JapanToday}
  • Nijo Castle’s Nightingale Tale {JapanCheapo}
  • A quick and fun Japanese history video {Youtube}
  • Graphic Design From Around the World: Japanese Design {Canva}
  • Words and vocabulary of Japanese shop and store {LearnJapaneseAdventure}
  • Japan´s major deities {KCPwindowonJapan}

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