Neko no Hi (National Cat Day)


On February 22, the Japanese celebrate Cat Day. Cat Day in Japan is also known as “Nyan Nyan Nyan Day”. “Nyan” is the Japanese equivalent of “meow”, the noise made by cats, and “ni” is the Japanese word for number two. February 22 (written 22/2) is pronounced “ni ni ni”, which apparently resembles “nyan nyan nyan”. There is a Neko Jinja (cat shrine) in Kagoshima and Kannushi (神主/ Shinto priest) where people pray for the health, long life and happiness of their pets on the 22nd of February, so if you are nearby and you have pets, this is the perfect day to stop by and pray for them =^.^=


*Ukiyo e

Utagawa Yoshifuji (歌川 芳藤)

Kuniyoshi UTAGAWA (歌川国芳/猫のすずみ)

Utagawa Yoshiiku (Chūshingura – Samurai cats)




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