5th anniversary: Japan 2011 earthquake and tsunami


On 11 March 2011, Japan was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 – the biggest in the nation’s recorded history.  The epicentre was located off the coast of the north-eastern Miyagi prefecture and it was felt 373km (232 miles) away in the capital Tokyo. The six-minute-long tremor and its thousands of aftershocks shook buildings across much of northern Japan and the nation’s capital. Within half and hour of the earthquake, towns lining the shore were flattened by the massive waves. Successive waves up to four to five metres high crashed through homes and fields and washed away fleeing vehicles. At its highest, the tsunami reached over 40 metres in Miyako, Iwate prefecture. (source)

Here are a few of the most touching and moving stories and articles regarding the progress and news on the 3/11 Earthquake & Tsunami that hit Japan five years ago:

  • Especial that the Japan News launched marking the progress of reconstruction through aerial photos and 360-degree movies: Click here to watch it.
  • Japan 2011 earthquake and tsunami: Interactive photos show scale of devastation five years later (Link)
  • Japan’s taxi drivers pick up “ghost passengers” in area hit by 2011 tsunami (Link)
  • 5 Years After the Tsunami: Snapshots for Onagawa (Link)

  • Witness: disaster in Japan (Video)

  • Japan: Then and Now (Link)
  • 5 Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake / Messages never to be received (Link)

  • Many elderly residents still in reconstruction housing (Link)

  • Stopped clocks show quake scars (Link)

  • 3/11 You will never walk alone (Tumblr)
  • Journal of Radiation Research (OxfordJournal)
  • Global nuclear power five years after Fukushima (Link)
  • Hope (Video)

Witness: Disaster in Japan


(header) (Image)

Witness: disaster in Japan from andrea ottaviani on Vimeo.


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