Friday | News & Articles



It´s been a while since I last updated a News & Links post, so I decided to gather a few links that cover everything from food, news, art and language skills.

  • Art Fair Tokyo to feature more overseas representation and lower prices at this year’s event (TheJapanTimes)
  • Magazine: In Tokyo (link)
  • Earthquake-ready homes / Quake resistance key to home safety (JapanNews)
  • To be a more complete Japanese speaker, leave your sentences incomplete (TheJapanTimes)
  • Sanja festival kicks off at Asakusa Shrine (JapanNews)
  • Go All Natural with Supmile’s Organic Cosmetics (SavvyTokyo)
  • 25 ways Japanese politeness can get on the nerves of Japanese people (RocketNews)
  • Learning Japanese from the news / Japan may be in for heat wave this summer (JapanNews)
  • Waka Poetry in Old Japan: Ono no Komachi and Myths (ModernTokyoTimes)
  • Walking on the kimono side of Hachioji (JNews)
  • Rediscovering Jakuchu’s solitary pursuit of mastery (JapanNews)
  • Speed Dating in Japan (GaijinPot)
  • Conjuring haiku on the trail from Hiroshima to Matsuyama (TheJapanTimes)


Here´s the link to the new playlist I created on Spotify: Soft Japanese. I hope you enjoy it!

Spotify Link 

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