Language Skills

*If you are looking for textbooks & Japanese literature click here.


Language Resources
More Resources
  • Denshi Jisho (Do not use the example sentences in this dictionary, read this for more info.)
  • Excite (My favourite Japanese dictionary. Just click the tab that says 辞書, then click the first bubble for English to Japanese, the second for Japanese to English, then the third for all Japanese.)
  • Goo Dictionary (This page is entirely in Japanese. Click the bubble under the search bar that says「和英」or for english definitions of Japanese words. This dictionary is more accurate than Denshi Jisho and ALC.)
  • Jisho
  • Furiganizer (Adds hiragana readings on top of kanji, all you have to do is copy and paste the text you want to read.)
  • Hiragana Megane (Paste a Japanese website in to the box, press enter, and it adds hiragana readings on top of all the kanji.)
  • Rikaichan (Firefox)

*My Pinterest Board: Learning Japanese (I find many resources online thanks to Pinterest)

**I´ll keep updating this section periodically. If you know any good site/resource to improve Japanese, don´t hesitate to share that valuable information!


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