Useful Japanese phrases

 Whether you are moving to Japan, or just thinking about going on vacation, it is really useful to have some basic knowledge of the language. However, it is not always easy to dedicate time to learning Japanese. These sentences will help you manage around the country and will help you develop a general knowledge of Japanese grammar.  Continue reading “Useful Japanese phrases”

How to learn Japanese for beginners

Japanese Writing System

This is the beginning of learning Japanese: Japanese consists of three scripts; Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Each script has different roles and can be seen in a single sentence.

 It´s highly recommended that you avoid using the Roman alphabet while learning Japanese. There are two big reasons; Native Japanese speakers don’t use them in everyday life, thus they are not communicable (1). Most guidebooks adopt Hiragana to teach Japanese, (except for some entry level materials). Therefore, the Roman alphabet can only take you so far (2). Continue reading “How to learn Japanese for beginners”

Life gets more beautiful when you know how to use ‘kirei’


Kireina Tanabata kazari-ga dekita (We’ve done well decorating our bamboo tree.)

Today, we will introduce various meanings and ways to use the na-adjective きれいな. Its basic meaning is beautiful, pretty or good-looking, which can be used for people or things, as the mother uses it in Situation 1. Other examples are: きれいな発音(はつおん, pronunciation)/ 声(こえ, voice)/ 景色(けしき, landscape), etc. Its adverbial form is きれいに. Continue reading “Life gets more beautiful when you know how to use ‘kirei’”