Japanese Culture and its Impact on Japan HR Practices: An Overview

While reading a little bit about business in Japan (and taking into account that I will be working in a human resources department until summer), I have been wondering how HR departments actually work in Japan. I found a very interesting article writen by Yan Sen Lu in which he shows a real experience that happened to him while living there. Continue reading “Japanese Culture and its Impact on Japan HR Practices: An Overview”

‘Drainspotting’ in Japan: The manhole form of art

*Drainspotting: Manhole covers and Japan’s urban art on the ground 


Japanese manhole covers, which come in a variety of designs depending on its location, use and manufacturer style, have caught the imagination of a growing number of “drainspotters” who come to Japan from all around the world. Moreover, this form of art has started to grow as a new kind of tourism, that has been called: drainspotting. Apparently, travellers attempt to see as many of Tokyo’s different manhole cover designs as possible (there are over 500,000 physical manholes just in Tokyo.) Continue reading “‘Drainspotting’ in Japan: The manhole form of art”